Cash on Cash return

Ask us about our A, B, C Model relating to improvements to your properties. When a client purchases a property or at any tenant turnover we’ll run what we call our A, B, C Generator. This is a system that provides you with a report on 3 different scope options, with price and the corresponding rent amount.

Maybe you want to get top dollar and do the full gut (Option A).

Maybe you want a slight upgrade, whether it be Carpet and Paint or just a single bathroom upgrade (Option B)


Maybe you just want it cleaned and turned (Option C),

We can provide bids for each and the corresponding rent amount you can expect to see. What can be calculated from that is the Cash on Cash return for each, showing you an apples to apples comparison of where the best place is to invest your cash.

We have the crews and experience to maximize your cash on cash return when it comes to renovating your rental property.

This is the case whether you need help bidding on your latest B-R-R-R purchase or whether it be improvements between tenancies to maximize your cash flow and put a great product on the market.