The Property Management industry needs to change.

We believe that a Property Manager should be paid on performance, as a Percentage of Net Operating Income. If the rental property generates more income, then both the Owner and Property Manager should flourish.

 At Apex Landlord Services, we live and breathe Property Management.  So much so that we divide this critical aspect of a successful real estate investment into 3 categories. In order for a rental portfolio to maximize its net return, all 3 aspects of property management must be performed well:  


Which type of tenants are you attracting?  Are you bringing in applicants that want to rent or those that need to rent?  Yes, there are plenty of high-quality tenants out there who WANT to rent a high-quality product.

What are your objective criteria for accepting or rejecting a rental application?  Are you treating everyone exactly the same or do you 'go with your gut'? Some of the common sense approaches to leasing can also be those practices that attract the most attention from the Fair Housing Authority.

The best way to ensure your rental property performs profitably is to place the RIGHT tenant on day one.  You'd be amazed at how much it can cost you, in money, time, and stress, to allow the wrong tenant to have possession of your property.

Tenant Management

This covers all the interpersonal components of managing rental property:  Everything from rent collection to coordinating parking spaces, from negotiating lease renewals to addressing noise complaints, we provide all the day-to-day service that great tenants expect and deserve.

Great tenants are critically important to the performance of your portfolio and they, rightly so, have high expectations of service. We aim to meet and exceed those expectations at all times while balancing the needs of the asset.


Full Service Maintenance Management is included for our property management clients. We also have the ability to break it out as a separate offering for those Self-Managing Landlords.

Maintenance can be one of the biggest expenses each month, if not handled properly. It takes the right team, setting expectations with Contractors around what is to be done and what is not, how approvals are handled, how access is coordinated and how repairs are completed in a cost effective way yet always improves the property and does not degrade it. It’s an investment, an asset, not something to let duct tape be slapped on and hope that it continues to cash flow.

My husband and I lived here for 3 years with our two young children. We consistently received excellent service, especially from the maintenance department. They respond quickly and take care of any issues that comes their way. I can’t say enough about them. Management was very friendly and helpful and they let you know that they value YOU. GREAT LOCATION and wonderful management, highly recommended.
— Camella T. Satisfied Tenant